Oestergaard – an experienced and global rendering solution company

Oestergaard is one of the main players on the global market of rendering solutions. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing different processing equipment for the meat and fish by-products rendering industry, and though the company is relatively new, our team has more than 50 years of experience in the area. This allows us to serve the rendering industry with knowledge and technology – on a global level.


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Oestergaard is an established, family-owned company and our 20.000 sqm factory and 1.600 sqm office facilities are located near Middelfart, right next to the highway on the island of Funen in Denmark.  As a part of our factory, we also have a tall assembly hall for the manufacturing of large and heavy-duty cookers and driers.

We have tailored our new organization to be efficient and fast moving due to the short chain of command. This gives Oestergaard a flexible mindset and allows us to adjust quickly to new demands. For our customers it means lower prices and a close relationship. This close relationship also guarantees our ability to find the right solution that suits your exact expectations.


We make sure to stay up to date in the rendering industry, so that we always provide modern and efficient products. Both our customers and our partners can safely rely on our knowledge and expertise.



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Our partners around the world

Our headquarters may be located in Denmark, but we have offices, partners and agents all around the world, ready to help our clients no matter where they are.

Leif Oestergaard | Founder

With more than 50 years of experience in developing and managing large manufacturing units for servicing the meat and fish by-products industry, Leif Oestergaard is one of the prominent characters in the rendering industry – across the globe!

Leif is surrounded by his all-time loyal and technically skilled colleagues. Their technical and process know-how as well as market knowledge are profoundly extensive. Together they have more than 100 years of experience in the industry and thus making an amazingly strong team.

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