After-sales and spare parts

Our team at Oestergaard is always ready to help you
with spare and wear parts, maintenance, repair services and training.

Spare and wear parts

We offer a wide variety of spare and wear parts for rendering equipment. We can offer spare and wear parts for equipment purchased with us here at Oestergaard, but also for most existing meat rendering plants and fish processing plants. If you need help replacing the spare and wear parts, we are ready to assist. Otherwise, we’ll simply send you the necessary parts for you to replace on your own. We can provide you with any part, anytime and anywhere.

Our services

If your equipment is starting to wear out, we can help you refurbish it. This can be done in-house in our facilities in Denmark, or we can come to you and work on site. We give all the equipment in question a thorough overhaul.

We are also ready to help with on-site assistance concerning both mechanical and process related issues. A part of this might include the training of your employees. The training too can be either mechanical or process related – or both if necessary. We offer online assistance with questions concerning PLC or SCADA in our installations.

Always ready, always capable

All these services are handled by our technically skilled team here at OESTERGAARD.
Our team can help you with tailor-made solutions that suit your needs perfectly.

We are specialists in the area of meat and poultry rendering and fish processing,
and you can be sure that we will use all our passion and precision to provide the exact service that you need.
All you need to do is contact us to let us know, what you need.